Welcome To Harrar Coffee & Roastery

Harrar Coffee & Roastery is a local, family-owned business offering a variety of high-quality coffees at a competitive price. We opened our coffee roastery with a single vision: to deliver outstanding coffee to our community and beyond. We are determined to become a “must-have” for neighborhood coffee addicts and local businesses alike.

We are more than your typical neighborhood coffee shop. We are a place to escape the daily stresses of life. A place to drift away from reality and into a relaxing daydream. A place to meet your friends for coffee and conversation. Or just a place to get comfortable and cozy up to a good book. Harrar Coffee & Roastery is all of these places in one.

However, our authentic coffee selection is what really sets us apart from our competitors. We believe that high-quality coffee at an affordable price is what makes our customers keep coming back for more. That’s why we roast our coffee daily—because we believe that when it comes to coffee, fresh is the only way to go. We roast only as much coffee as we need so that our customers can expect the freshest cup.  We also advise our customers to only buy as much as they need–and not to buy more than they might need for a month–to make sure they get the same quality cup at home.

Who Is Harrar Coffee & Roastery

Our mission is to provide the best coffees possible.  Each cup should be based in family and filled with expertise and integrity.  We hope you taste it in every cup.
Quality beans, hand-roasted small batches, and a great taste–we believe that this will help make us the best curators of coffee in the Washington DC area–and bring our customers back time and time again.
We promise real coffee quality.  We believe that starts at the source, which is why we buy some of our Arabica coffee from Ethiopian farmers, who use traditional farming methods.  Our approach honors coffee’s long history and rich traditions, allowing us to deliver coffee that we are proud to serve.


Our Happy Customers

"Just updating to say I wish I could give this place 6 stars....I love love love this place! Iced latte is like velvet. AND, I got it with almond milk...yes they have almond milk! I'm always grateful when I'm not forced to drink anything from ... Read More
Reesie W.,San Francisco, CA
"Harrar offers an excellent selection of coffees. I'm an especially big fan of the Ethiopia Sidiamo variety--both the medium and dark roasts are quite tasty and well balanced and are great for pour-over or French press...
Read More
Anya G.,Washington, DC
"I stopped drinking coffee after college, but then I had Harrar Coffee thanks to a friend. Now I have to have a cup of Harrar's Arabica or Medium blend every morning before work. It makes me so productive, it's the best coffee I've ever had by far ... Read More
Nabeeh B.,Washington, DC
"This is exactly what coffee should be. Bold, varied notes that settle in your palate like a bouquet of flavor. The decor is nice, the staff friendly, the seating welcoming and the beverage choices plentiful. What's more important is that they are a local ... Read More
Katherine L.,Washington, DC