We’re interested in working with people and businesses that want to serve the best possible coffee.  If you see value in every cup you serve, contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

Our customers have come to expect the same high-quality coffee experience from every cup of Harrar Coffee–from our store to their businesses.  Delivering that time after time is the secret of our success.

Each cup of Harrar Coffee is filled with expertise and integrity.  Our goal is for everyone, local businesses and their consumers to experience the great taste of our many coffee selections. Our wholesale service is easy, quick, and reliable. But above all, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, because we believe we are only as good as your last cup of coffee.

Our products will also help you be competitive in the market, because you will serve some of the best quality coffee in the area.

Harrar Coffee & Roastery offers a full range of coffees and services to restaurants, cafes, and retail establishments wishing to add exceptional Arabica and authentic products to their menus. Harrar Coffee & Roastery specializes in:

–        Ground and whole-bean bulk coffee delivery within couple of days of purchase

–        Customized blends designed specifically for your business and customers

–        Roasting training and coffee tasting, so you can witness why our coffee is the best

–        Packaged coffees and seasonal blends for retail sale

Energize your office and help your colleagues discover one-of-a-kind coffee.

Our team is what makes our business successful, they are the back bone of our success.  We are sure that you feel the same way about your employees and colleagues. That’s why we would love to work with you to treat your office to our delicious coffee.

Great coffee options that remind your employees of a great coffee-house experience will not just show your appreciation for your hard-working staff, it could help you to retain and attract new employees.  One survey by a leading catering company of 400 respondents showed that over 80% believed great coffee and other beverages contributed to satisfaction and morale in the workplace.

Harrar Coffee & Roastery can offer your office:

–        Freshly brewed jars of coffee

–        Fresh ground and whole-bean bags of coffee, including gift services for the holidays or company events

–        Tips on office coffee services including equipment and brewing methods that best suit your needs

–        Consulting services for large corporations looking to add Harrar Coffee & Roastery-branded café or kiosk on their work-site

Our commitment to sustainable business practices can help companies of any size meet their own sustainability goals and benchmarks.

Get Started Today!

Our approach honors coffee’s long history and rich traditions, allowing us to deliver coffee that we are proud to serve. We provide small coffee bags and can accommodate for larger bags if needed. We ensure that your coffee is delivered within the couple of days of your order. But most important, your coffee will be fresh because we roast it daily.

We offer coffee consulting services, if desired.  Coffee is like wine, each bean and roast tells a story of the terroir, the journey to us, and the roast we choose the prepare the coffee.  To make sure you have the information you need to make a decision, our consultants can educate you on the seasonal, regional, and international coffee products that are available to your business as well as blends and roasts.

For more information please contact us at info@harrarcoffeeroastery.com or 202-664-7072