Our Craft

Everything starts with great coffee.

We’ve taken the best beans from Ethiopia and developed our own way of roasting in our own shop to get it right.  The result? Small batches that deliver smooth, rich, or authentic tastes–always flavorful and of the high quality our customers have come to expect.

Coffee is more than making sure that every small batch delivers big flavor.  The art of coffee making can be found in our coffee ceremonies, where coffee is roasted, ground, and served before you.  To share a ceremony is a traditional sign of friendship–the perfect way to show how we feel about our customers.

We’ve invested time, energy, and passion to get our blends right whether in our shop, your home or your office.  We’ve built our reputation on high quality blends–roasted fresh every day for our shop, or after you order it for our online customers–and we’re proud of that.

Brewing Methods

– Wet your filter

– Add 20g of our roasted coffee, ground medium to fine grind setting

– Add water between 195 ˚F – 205˚F just enough to wet all the grounds and start your bloom

– After 20 Seconds pour remainder of water in a circular motion

– Enjoy your cup of coffee!

– Rinse out your French press with hot water

– Add 22.5g of our roasted coffee, ground medium to coarse

– Add water between 195 ˚F – 205˚F making sure to wet all the grounds

– Stir grounds and water mixture gently and add lid

– After 6 minutes push down slowly on filter

– Pour coffee and enjoy!

– Place your filter with ridges folded into the dripper. Rinse well with hot water

– Add 80g of freshly roasted coffee, grounded a bit coarser than table salt

– Add 5.5 cups of filtered or spring water to the reservoir

– The brew should take 5-6 minutes in total

– Stir or swirl coffee to mix the flavors

– Enjoy!

– Preheat your espresso machine and the espresso cups

– Add the 7g of ground coffee into the filter

– Tamp the filter in order to compact the coffee

– Attach the filter to the espresso machine

– Brewing time should take 20-25 seconds depending on your machine

– Enjoy!

– Add sugar into Ibrik

– Fill the Ibrik with water until the “neck” level

– Add 2 teaspoons of coffee in the Ibrik. Note that 2 teaspoons are for a 4oz Ibrik, 3 teaspoons for 8oz, and 6 teaspoons for 12oz

– Put the Ibrik on the stove at light to medium heat until the coffee starts foaming. DO NOT STOP WATCHING

– Carefully stir the coffee and the foam will subside

– Take off heat and pour in a cup

– Enjoy!