Project Description

This coffee is known for its seductive, floral aroma and rich, layered flavors. Hints of chocolate accentuated by subtle citrus notes will awaken your senses and enliven your spirits.

Elevation: 1550-2200 Meters
Process: Natural Sundried

Dark Roast Tasting Notes:
Flavors: Tree Bark, Black Pepper, Anise
Body: Syrupy, Complex
Acidity: Mild

Medium Roast Tasting Notes:
Flavors: Green Bell Pepper, Grassy, Dry Red Wine
Body: Clean, Astringent and Vibrant
Acidity: Medium Acidity

Sibune Roast Tasting Notes:
Flavors: Blackberry and Currant
Body: Medium, smooth
Acidity: Medium to light acidity