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Every batch we roast is hand-crafted in our shop. Roasting coffee is a little science, a little intuition, and a lot of good taste.


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High Quality Beans. Small batches.  Freshness. Why our team’s pride and passion delivers unparalleled flavor to your cup.

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BeansAn authentic taste for those summer mornings, our medium roast Ethiopia Sidamo delivers a fresh, vibrant taste with a low after-taste.  We love this roast brewed drip or pour over–a great way to kick off the journey to work!
DeliveryFresh roasted coffee delivered by subscription–each week, every two weeks, or once a month.  We won’t roast the coffee until just before we ship it–so we can say it is truly the “next best thing” to stepping in to the store!
Coffee of the MonthSpicy, highly aromatic coffee with undertones of chocolate and citrus; Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Yirhama is one of the crowning jewels of Ethiopian coffee.  We chose it for our Coffee Of The Month because we love to match it with Sunday brunch or for wrapping-up a relaxing outdoor dinner party.

Why Choose Us

      • Enjoy daily, fresh-roasted coffee prepared in-house and in small batches, which helps preserve the quality and the taste.
      • Sample our coffee before you decide to buy; we believe you’ll find our coffee to be far superior to any of our competitors.
      • Our master roasters are in-house so you can ask the right questions to find your perfect blend.
      • If you love our coffee and service, we can roast a batch for delivery to your home or office.

Our Happy Customers

"Just updating to say I wish I could give this place 6 stars....I love love love this place! Iced latte is like velvet. AND, I got it with almond milk...yes they have almond milk! I'm always grateful when I'm not forced to drink anything from ... Read More
Reesie W.,San Francisco, CA
"Harrar offers an excellent selection of coffees. I'm an especially big fan of the Ethiopia Sidiamo variety--both the medium and dark roasts are quite tasty and well balanced and are great for pour-over or French press...
Read More
Anya G.,Washington, DC
"I stopped drinking coffee after college, but then I had Harrar Coffee thanks to a friend. Now I have to have a cup of Harrar's Arabica or Medium blend every morning before work. It makes me so productive, it's the best coffee I've ever had by far ... Read More
Nabeeh B.,Washington, DC
"This is exactly what coffee should be. Bold, varied notes that settle in your palate like a bouquet of flavor. The decor is nice, the staff friendly, the seating welcoming and the beverage choices plentiful. What's more important is that they are a local ... Read More
Katherine L.,Washington, DC